BBC Introduces New Policy: Only Good News About UK to Be Broadcast to Avoid Embarrassment

LONDON, ENGLAND—In a drastic move to save face in the international community, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced Thursday that it would only broadcast good news about the UK from now on to avoid any further embarrassment.

According to a leaked internal memo, the new policy will come into effect immediately, and all negative stories about the UK, including but not limited to political scandals, economic downturns, and societal issues, will be banned. Instead, the BBC will focus on broadcasting positive stories about the UK, such as the recent heatwave, the success of the royal family, and the occasional successful football match.

Breaking: BBC’s new policy: No more bad news about the UK! Only sunshine and roses from now on 🌞 #RoyalSuccess #UKheatwave #BBCnews

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