Government introduces new plan to combat climate change: just ignore it and hope it goes away

In a shocking turn of events, the government has announced a new plan to combat climate change: just ignore it and hope it goes away.

The plan, which was unveiled at a press conference by the Minister of Environment, has been met with widespread criticism from environmental groups and scientists.

“We understand that climate change is a serious issue, but we don’t think it’s worth worrying about,” said the Minister. “Instead, we’re going to focus on more important things, like cutting taxes and boosting the economy.”

The plan has been met with disbelief by many, who have pointed out that ignoring climate change will not make it go away.

“This is a reckless and irresponsible approach to an issue that affects us all,” said one environmental activist. “We need to take action now to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change, not just stick our heads in the sand.”

Despite the backlash, the government has defended its plan, saying that it is in the best interests of the country. “We believe that our approach is the best way to protect the economy and ensure a bright future for our citizens,” said the Minister. “We’re confident that climate change will just go away on its own if we ignore it long enough.”

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