The French language has been canceled after mis-gendering objects

The French language has come under fire in recent years for its gendered words. Now, after years of protests from the LGBTQ+ community, the French government has finally decided to cancel the language altogether. “We can no longer allow our language to be a source of discrimination and exclusion,” said a spokesperson for the French government. “It’s time for something new.” The decision comes after a long and heated debate over what to do about the gendered words in the French language. While some argued that the words could simply be changed to be more inclusive, others argued that the entire language was problematic and needed to be scrapped. “This is a victory for the LGBTQ+ community,” said one activist. “Finally, our voices have been heard.” The French government has not yet announced what will replace the French language, but they have promised that it will be more inclusive and welcoming to all.

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