Over one hundred brains damaged from virus transmitted through memes

The internet meme community was dealt a devastating blow today when it was revealed that over one hundred people have suffered brain damage as a result of a virus transmitted through memes.The virus, which causes severe cognitive impairment, was first discovered last month when a group of meme-lovers began exhibiting strange behavior.According to experts, the virus likely originated from a popular meme that was shared widely on social media.Symptoms of the virus include memory loss, confusion, and impaired motor skills.Many of those affected by the virus have expressed regret at ever getting involved with memes in the first place.”I thought they were just harmless fun,” said one victim. “But now I realize that they’re actually dangerous.”The virus has also had a negative impact on the meme economy, with many businesses shutting down due to the lack of demand for memes.It is still unclear how the virus will continue to spread, but experts are warning people to be cautious when sharing memes with others.

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