Putin threatens to nuke Binley Mega Chippy

In a move that is sure to send shockwaves across the globe, Russian president Vladimir Putin has threatened to launch a nuclear strike against the small town of Binley in the UK.The reason for this drastic action, according to Putin, is the presence of a large chip shop in the town which is a “threat to Russian national security”.”The binley mega chippy is a menace to our way of life and must be destroyed,” said Putin in a statement. “I will not rest until this evil establishment is wiped off the face of the earth.”The UK government has so far not responded to Putin’s threats, but is said to be “deeply concerned” by the developments.This is not the first time that Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons against a perceived enemy, as he previously warned that he would target the US city of Los Angeles if it did not stop ” persecuting” Russian citizens.

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