Sunak encourages public to lube up and get ‘Ready4Rishi’

In a recent speech, Rishi Sunak has encouraged the British public to get ‘Ready4Rishi’ by lubricating themselves anally in preparation for his upcoming budget. Sunak, who is known for his love of fiscal penetration, is said to be planning a number of ‘surprises’ in his budget that will ‘really get people going’. He continued: ‘I want the British people to be really prepared for my budget. I want them to be lubed up and ready for me to penetrate them anally. ‘It’s going to be a budget that really gets people going, and I want everyone to be a part of it. So make sure you’re prepared and get lubed up for Rishi.’ Sunak’s budget is expected to be one of the most ‘penetrative’ in recent history, and people are advised to be ready for it. So make sure you have plenty of lube on hand, and get Ready4Rishi.

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