Officials shut down Bolivian Capybara gambling operation

Write a satire news article with the headline ” Bolivian Capybara gambling ring shut down” Officials in Bolivia have announced the shutdown of a major gambling ring that was being run out of a local capybara den. The ring, which is believed to have been in operation for several years, was discovered after a tip-off from a concerned citizen. Authorities say that the den was being used as a front for a major gambling operation, with capybaras acting as the dealers. Officials are still trying to piece together how the operation worked, but they believe that bets were being placed on a variety of capybara-related activities, including racing and fighting. The ringleaders of the operation are believed to be a group of capybaras who managed to escape from a local zoo several years ago. They are still at large and are believed to be hiding out in the jungle. This is not the first time that capybaras have been involved in illegal activities in Bolivia. In 2017, a group of capybaras was caught smuggling cocaine across the border from Peru.

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