“I stink therefore I am” concludes unwashed philosophy student

In a stunning development, local philosophy student and perennial slacker, Jeffery Thompkins, has announced that he has finally completed his magnum opus, entitled “I stink, therefore I am”.Thompkins, who has not bathed in over six months, says that the key to his groundbreaking work is that he has finally found the answer to the age-old question “what is the meaning of life?””It’s simple”, he said in an interview. “The meaning of life is that we’re all just a bunch of dirty, smelly animals. And the only thing that really matters is how badly we stink.”Thompkins’ work has already caused a stir in the philosophical community, with many leading thinkers praising his “brilliant” and “revolutionary” ideas.”This is a game-changer”, said one prominent philosopher. “Thompkins has finally shown us that the only thing that really matters is how filthy we are. I for one can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.”Others, however, are not so sure.”I’m not sure what to make of it”, said one confused student. “I just don’t see how this changes anything.””I think he’s just full of shit”, said another.Whatever the reaction, one thing is for sure: Jeffery Thompkins has definitely made a stink in the world of philosophy.

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