University of Bristol Appoints Inaugural Dean for Its New School of Being Broke and Unemployed

The University of Bristol is blazing a new trail in higher education by introducing a brand new school specifically geared towards its ever increasing population of broke and unemployed students. To celebrate this milestone, the university has appointed its inaugural Dean for the Faculty of Being Broke and Unemployed, Mr. Brendan Reagan.

Mr. Reagan, who previously worked in recruitment for the notoriously frugal budget airline EasyJet, brings a wealth of experience that is sure to help mould this exciting new faculty into an institution of learning. “Our aim is to equip students with the skills needed to survive living in poverty during their time at university,” said Mr. Reagan. “We also hope to educate them about how to thrive despite their current financial struggles.”

The move has been welcomed by many students, who see it as an important step towards reducing student poverty in the area. It’s no wonder that applications were so high; after all, what better way to prepare yourself for life post-university than to get a head start on learning the basics?

The faculty will begin teaching courses such as “Living on Ramen Noodles 101” and “Surviving on Free Samples 101” as well as providing internships with leading fast food providers and discount retailers. As part of the program, there will even be a special boot camp where students can learn how to survive the harsh realities of being broke and unemployed.

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